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Notes of a Dime-Store poet

I'm the
2 April
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Here Comes The...
Danielle. 20. Writer of fictional stories. I've been writing for the better part of 6 years, off and on, wandering from location to location. You may have read my writing before and you may not, but let's all start off on page one today.

Pairings, ect.
Ryden is my OTP, overall. I'm comfortable with Joncer, Brallon, Gabilliam, Peterick, Jandy, Gabe/Suarez, Ryland/Gabe, Vicky-T/The Butcher, Vicky/Gabe and a few others, possibly. I'm against anything with Z-berg, Spyro(that's like incest to me. No thanks.), RyWalk, Brencer(awkwarddd), and a few others. If I have an issue you shall know.

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